Seeding & Turf Laying

Seeding & Turf LayingChaffin Works are able to deliver a number of seeding and turf laying services, including hydroseeding.

Hydoseeding techniques were developed for use on areas that are too large or inaccessible for conventional seeding methods. In addition to providing an effective method for establishing vegetation on difficult sites, hydroseeding is also an extremely cost-effective process and can thus deliver benefits for all kinds of projects.

Turf laying. Ground preparation is essential to the finish of turf laying, that combined with fresh good quality turf from our suppliers that we have used for many years gives rise to an excellent high standard finish. A range of different turfs are available for a variety of different purposes and purchasing frequent large orders enables us to be very competitive.

Grass Seeding, high quality seeds are a must for the success of seeded areas, the different variants of seed can allow many more options than turf from lawn grass to wildflower grass mix’x, with some superb end results and if applied at the correct time of year can be serviceable within 12 months at greater reduced cost.

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