Reptile Fencing

We are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of wildlife fencing (also known as mitigation fencing). Various options  are available and include: reptile fencing, great crested newt fencing, badger fencing  and rodent fencing.

Wildlife fencing can be installed for several reasons, usually to direct a protected species away from an area where it could come to harm (such as a development or thoroughfare), or to enclose a site so that a particular species can be retained there for capture and relocation.  Fencing provides a cost effective and efficient way of working with protected species, ensuring legal responsibilities are met with regard to the conservation of protected species located in or nearby to a development area.

The design and construction of fencing can vary enormously depending upon the species in question.  In combination with PJC Consultancy, we are able to provide qualified, professional advice on the best mitigation fencing solution for your circumstances. Once we have identified the best solution for you we will be pleased to provide a quotation for supply and installation.

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