GIS Mapping

ChaffinWorks are able to provide Arboricultural and Ecological consultancy services that integrate seamlessly with client GIS systems.

For our clients this means utilisation of our data to assist informed management decisions.

What is GIS?
Geographical Information Systems exist to serve the user with a customisable summary of a given data set. For example a local council may operate a “GIS system”managed though a layered view, to assist with infrastructure management. The user is able to interrogate the various data layers and gain answers to questions such as “How many street trees are within 10 metres of all pelican crossings”. This particular question would search though a range of different data layers including, tree layers, highlighting the relevant trees.

GIS systems are frequently used by the responsible party to program cyclic maintenance works. For example a local council uses a GIS system to manage and execute a program of cyclic tree management. This enables a massive quantity of data to be handled by an individual and large scale works programmed and mobilised effectively.

These are just two examples of how GIS can be used there are various professional software suites that serve to manage geospatial data. These assist in the provision of practically informed management decisions based on real time environmental factors.

Our ability to provide Geospatial data extends to all of our consultancy services.

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