Commercial Clients

Chaffin using their machinery to put the local christmas tree in place

Our cost-effective approach and wide range of landscaping services make us an ideal choice for developers who need a thorough site clearance service prior to development followed by additional landscaping and grounds maintenance services once the build is complete. Chaffin Works can act as the main contractors or as sub-contractors, carrying out a complete project or specific tasks within a larger schedule of works. The company’s experienced costing department can turn around all submissions in very short timeframes.

Other types of commercial landowner can also benefit from working with Chaffin Works, as all of your land management requirements can be met by just one supplier, with comprehensive plans of activity being instituted at each site to ensure that all outdoor areas are well maintained and managed.

Examples of work carried out for commercial clients include pre-construction surveying and site clearance for house builders and post-development landscaping and planting for a nationally recognised developer.

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