Ecoplug Tree / Stump Killer

Stump with EcoplugsThe Ecoplug is an efficient and cost-effective tree killer and stump killer that prevents broad leaf trees from re-sprouting after they have been cut. We have found that it a more reliable and environmentally friendly method than using traditional stump killer chemicals.

When trees are cut down, new sprouts will appear almost immediately. By simply inserting the Ecoplug into a freshly felled stump, regrowth is halted and the entire root system will be killed. The active ingredient, a proven safe pesticide called Glyphosate, does not harm people, animals or the environment.

Ecoplug is a selective tree killer that reduces the use of stump killer chemicals by 90%. It can be used all year around and will elliminate: alder, elm, aspen, birch, beech, lime, maple, mountain ash, sallow, poplar, ash, cherry, bird cherry, oak and other broad leafed trees.

Chaffin Works also offers other methods of stump removal and grinding. To find out more about the Ecoplug tree killer and stump killer, please contact us.