The True Value of Trees

TreeconomicsCalculating the £’s Contribution plus Carbon Sequestration

Whilst trees are appreciated, they have not been truly valued.  Via a new partnership, TreeCOnomics, we can now assess the character and function of your tree stock and other elements of green infrastructure and then calculate the value of the ecosystem services they provide.

This includes the quantities of carbon stored and sequestered by your trees, which can be used as a valuable asset in carbon reduction schemes.

Using UK tree species and climate data within a software system called i-Tree Eco, we calculate the value of the tree stock in an area in both monetary terms and the contribution to carbon reduction.  As a result, trees can be valued, such that a planting and maintenance programme can be seen to provide an ROI (return on investment).

Via TreeCOnomics we can advise on or conduct an assessment of the tree stock on the land that is under your ownership or control.  The results of the survey are then fed into the software and analysed using the base data for UK conditions and the expertise that TreeCOnomics personnel have acquired.

For further information and a presentation on the benefits of a TreeCOnomic survey please contact us.  Alternatively, please see further details on the dedicated TreeCOnomics website.