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Flash thunderstorms hit Sussex yesterday evening, with heavy rains and lightning lasting for several hours. The Hastings Observer captures the full fury of the storm. If you see any trees damaged by the rains or lightning, please contact your local council.

With the summer heat wave in full swing, outdoor space is now more important than ever. Here at Chaffin’s we are experts in land clearance and removal of unwanted weeds and plant waste, so don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Unseasonable high winds and rains are currently battering Britain, with Chaffin’s responding to a number of downed trees across Sussex and the South East. If you see any trees which look dangerous or unstable, please report them to your local council as falling trees can be a hazard to both people and property!

Stuck on inspiration for your gardening projects? The winners of RHS Chelsea have been announced are available to be viewed on their website, offering a whole host of interesting and innovative ideas. Take a look and tell us your favourites by visiting our Facebook page!

London, Tree
May 19, 2017

London Tree Week

London’s annual tree week begins next week running from Saturday the 27th of May to Sunday the 4th of June, with a host of events planned around the nation’s capital. ¬†These include picnics, walks, and presentations on the historic trees of London – a full list of events can be found here.

Japanese knotweed and ragwort are two types of weeds that can cause a significant headache for commercial land owners. Japanese knotweed is a fast growing invasive species which as well as taking over outdoor areas, can cause damage to property foundations and even concreted areas. Ragwort is poisonous to livestock, pets and horses and it …

Chaffin’s has recently undertaken large scale highway maintenance works across the Kent and Sussex area to ensure the safe movement of traffic. Using specialist equipment and operating at night to cause minimum disruption, Chaffin’s are dedicated to keeping Britain moving.

Strimming Sussex
March 22, 2017

Clearance for Spring

As the first days of Spring dawn, it is once again a time for clearing public spaces ready for spring and summer events. Chaffin’s have been undertaking a number of grounds maintenance and clearance jobs throughout Kent and Sussex, ensuring public and private spaces are in top condition to be enjoyed as the weather improves. …

When a protected military site needed clearance work to take back control of their grounds, Chaffin’s had to get creative. As tractors and chippers were too messy and damaging for the delicate site, Chaffin’s went back to the most eco-friendly clearance equipment of them all, horses! Click here for the full story!¬†

A new year means new opportunities for planting, and Chaffin Works has recently been carrying out a number of large scale planting jobs in and around the South East. While planting into frozen ground is not advisable, many types of trees and fauna are very frost resistant and the cold will not deter them once …